Aussie Farmstay & Bush Adventures


Comments from some of our passengers.


"Sally, the trip was great!"

"After spending a week at the tourist places it was good to get out into the bush and see some of the country."

"You are an excellent guide and we were constantly impressed with your knowledge and your patience."

"Please pass along our gratitude to Bill and Mary. The farmstay was both fun and educational and exactly what we were looking for."

Kevin and Sharon, USA - Jan 2014

"Thank you Sally for everything that you've done for us."

"The farmstay was a dream come true for us."

"It was also great that you were very flexible with the itinerary - we got to do things without being rushed."

"Highly recommended!"

Whee Jim and Min (7 years), Singapore - Nov 2013

"Sally provided an excellent tour customized for our college Crop Team from Kansas State University USA. Tea and picnic lunch were good opportunities for her to explain Australian traditions, culture and history."

"This tour went very smoothly and Sally was very flexible with what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. She is knowledgable about Australian history and culture and is easy to follow."

"Great tour for small groups! Sally gave great recommendations and personalized our tour! She made sure we had plenty of time and it was "our" day! Great to see the sights!"

Kevin, Chelsea, Scott, Susan, Kim, Lyndsay and Levi, USA - Sept 2012

"From the moment I started emailing with you I knew we were going to experience something special. You provided us with a 4 day magical trip to the farm and bush country that was an experience of a lifetime.

"From the morning welcome where you showed us your endless supply of lollies to the first koalas that we met at the sanctuary to our morning tea, we knew we had found the perfect companion.

"All the explanations, tutoring in Australian English, grouse tucker, wild animals, friendly people and stories you shared enabled us to feel a part of Oz - we were True Blue for a few days. Thank you.

"Warm regards to our friends at the farm."

Julia and Leora, USA - Dec 2011

"WHAT a wonderful day!!! We have had such an awesome time it's ridiculous."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day with such a high maintentance crowd! Two 14-month olds and an 82 year old in a wheel chair. Tough crowd and you were never flustered by our demands. I would recommend hanging with you any day Sally."

"Thanks again. Look forward to hanging with you again."

Val, USA (shown with Memory, Dorothy, Eric and babies Niki & Dani) - Feb 2013

"Thank you so much Sally for everything. Over four days we've covered a great deal of territory and experienced a great deal of Aussie life.

"We are particularly grateful for your suggestion of going to Noel's farm. Since all of us either come from farm backgrounds or make our livings from agriculture - it was appreciated.

"You personalized our experience and were very accommodating. You kept us to a schedule yet were very flexible when we required additional time at a venue.

"We are truely grateful for your abundant knowledge of the wildlife, birds, plants and history.

"We wish you well and good fortune on your bush adventures"

Shelley, Marilyn, Wes & Keith, Canada - Oct 2011

"Thank you for a superb possibility to see some of the real Australian bush. We wouldn't have managed without you!! Some of the best memories include the bright stars shining while Bill played his guitar, horseback riding in the wild fields of the Blue Mountains and getting to see wild kangaroos, koalas and wambats.

"The tour and all its components were always 100% related to its mission; to give us the optimal bush experience. It was, in a positive way, the opposite to a tour with a big travel company, both personal and very real. It all gave great value to our Australian experience

"We would recommend this 4-day trip to anyone who wants to explore the Australian bush!"

Synne and Kyrre, Norway - Nov 2011

"What a great 4 day trip into part of the real Australia! Thank you Sally for providing a look at what this amazing country is made of.

"I loved the company, the characters and the scenery, the history and the food!

"The night around the campfire was my favourite bit and when we went to bed under the stars - how magical to lay and watch shooting stars and be amazed by the plenitude of sparkles up there...

"I will be telling all my friends about your adventure tours in Australia"

MargĂ´t, Australia - 2007

"The highlight of the trip for me was the night sitting around the campfire with the Norris Family. The brilliant stars overhead and the poems and songs and yarns flowing freely brought back childhood memories.

"Although I've driven through the same areas many times in the past, this tour highlighted features of the bush I'd not really taken any notice of before.

"I had fantastic time."

John, Australia - 2007

"I loved the whole trip. Petting the Koalas and Kangaroos was really fun. The Gold mine was really cool to see the tools they used and what went on in that time period.

"All the look-outs in the Blue Mountains were really pretty. It was really fun the climb in the cave and also to walk down the dried up old river they panned gold in.

"The farm was really nice. It was really cool to see the sheep sheared, the horses ploughing, the wagon/buggy rides, feeding the horses, sleeping in tents, the songs sung by Bill and the poems by Laurie and Peanuts.

"And thank you for the really good food. Thank you Ms Sally for the trip."

Rowan, USA (12 years old), on behalf of her family, Allegra and Dirk, Taegan (8) & Layke (6) - Dec 2009

"Thank you Sally and friends for a lovely time - getting behind the scenes of Australia's tourist facade. That's exactly what I wanted and I got it with my own personal tour guide who introduced us to her country, her memories, her family and her friends.

"I envy all the Norris's, past and present who live at Inglevale on the farm. I have never felt so warm and welcomed to share in their wonderful scenic farm.

"Loved the pot roast and kangaroo kebabs. Wilf's ploughing reminded me of my father, who ploughed the field in a similar fashion (in Scotland). Mary with the smiling face, Bill the singer, Laurie who made me laugh, the boys and the dogs, all added to the atmosphere on the farm.

"It was a gorgeous memory of Australia, which I'm sure will never leave me. Thank you for making my holiday more than the usual three weeks off work in the sun."

Anne, Scotland - Oct 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Mudgee/Bathurst/Eugowra trip with you this year. The trip was well thought out and packed with interesting features. You managed to show a wide range of natural attractions and "real" Australian out-back life in the central west of New South Wales in just three days.

"I especially enjoyed my time at Hill End and the farm at Eugowra was an amazing experience. The informative commentary and comfortable van made the travelling time go quickly and you managed to stop often enough to keep everyone happy. The tasty healthy food was a welcome surprise too. I have no hesitation in recommending your trip to those wanting to see some of vast rural Australia and go beyond the cities and beaches."

Phillip, Australia - 2007

"The Farmstay was definitely the best part. I had never imagined myself around a campfire with people so friendly and warm. I was amazed that they could live without electricity and run a farm the way they did.

"I liked the way we just changed plans in the Blue Mountains to see some of the areas that we haven't already visited.

"It's been a great experience."

Katrine, Denmark - Aug 2008

"A very enjoyable four-day tour!

"We had a wonderful trip while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Our accommodation was comfortable and clean and quite varied.

"The second day was especially good with Mary and Bill who opened their farm for us and were very welcoming.

"Thanks Sally for making this a memorable tour and for keeping our options open and making sure that the bad weather didn't stop us from doing any activities"

Natalie and Sophie, Dubai - July 2011

"Great trip! This is a true adventure right from the start. From seeing koalas and kangas to relaxing in a pub.

"I really enjoyed Bill's songs and Laurie's yarns. Staying at the farm made me feel like one of their old friends. Everyone was so friendly and showed me what the Bush was really all about. Sitting under the stars was beautiful as well.

"The trip is jam packed full of adventure sure to please anyone!"

Laura, USA - Feb 2008

"Thank you for letting us experience the heart and soul of both the people and places of NSW.

"The farmstay made the trip for us and the kids. For one night we truly felt like part of your extended family in the bush. That is what sets your tour apart."

Tony and Family, USA - Jan 2009

"The trip was a wonderful experience for me. I especially enjoyed staying at the Norris' property at Eugowra - it was fun to experience what it is like on an Aussie farm and then sitting around a campfire in the evening under the brilliant southern stars. Great food and company. Thanks Sally."

Christine, New Zealand - 2007

"This trip could not have been better. As a first introduction to Australia, NSW, the Blue Mountains and the bush it was superb.

"The opportunity  to be a guest on a working sheep ranch is not to be missed. Bill and Mary & the rest of the extended family were more than just entertainment - I'll always remember the experience

"Thank You"

George, USA - Dec 2010

"Sally - I'm so glad we took this tour. We saw so many things we could not have otherwise seen. The scenery was gorgeous - especially the rocky hills west of the Blue Mountains.

"It was fun seeing the small towns and meeting people at the farmstay. Bill and Mary were wonderful hosts. The songs, stories & poems made it a magical experience.

"We saw so much, and such a variety yet the pace was relaxing"

Jaimie, USA - Dec 2010

"Gracias Sally, ha sido un viaje precioso y todo lo que comenta Laura ha sido asi. Sally eres una estupenda anfitriona, una gran cicerone. My English is terrible, but I'm felt like in my house. Thanks. Come diriamos en mi idioma "amenazamos con volver"."

"Thank you Sally it has been a wonderful trip and everything that Laura says is so. Sally is a wonderful hostess, a great guide. I felt right at home. Thanks. As we say in my language "we threaten to return."

Isabel, Spain - Feb 2008

"The Farmstay was the Best experience, it gave an insight into the people living on the farms of Australia.

"Meeting real Australians that work the land was an experience I probably would not have had had I not done this trip"

Martin, Denmark - Aug 2008

"I had a wonderful time on our Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventure trip. It gave me a chance to experience a part of the Australian bush not seen on the more usual tourist routes.

"Historical goldrush towns, real working farms, and local characters. Our guide was friendly and informative and went out of her way to ensure we all got the most out of the tour. Highly recommended."

Frank, Australia - 2007

"The Farmstay had wonderful people and environment. A Great time was had by all..

"It was Fantastic, the only way to see the real Australia and meet the real people en-route. A must for any traveller to Australia."

Graeme, Lorena and Ian, The Phillipines - Dec 2008

"A very enjoyable trip. I loved the campfire and I couldn't believe the numbers of stars in the country sky!

"The Scenic Railway is scary but worth trying and the Blue Mountains are awesome.

"The food was great! I can't imagine a better way to do an adventure tour of Australia"

Nancy, Australia - Jan 2010

"Was a great trip! Loved the farm stay, hospitality there was great. Enjoyed the horse riding very much. Sally was a good tour guide, very friendly and helpful. Loved the out-door lunches and teas!! .

"I had a great time! Thanks!"

Pascale, The Netherlands - Mar 2008

"Thank you for an awesome trip. I had a fantastic time.

"A warm thank you to the family for welcoming us to their farm........ it was a true experience.

"Best Wishes"

Monika, Poland - May 2008

"I liked Hill End very much. What a great way to see an old mining town, which just boomed due to the gold rush. With all the old pictures it was great to see how the pioneers lived.

"The farm stay was a very good experience as well. The campfire, stars and a lot of friendly and fun people.

"We saw a lot of the inland Australia I haven't seen while living here."

Morten, Denmark - Aug 2008

"Det var en rigtig god tur. Vi nød det i fulde drag. Det var meget Spændende at møde Mary, Bill, John og Bill’s foraldre. Alle var utrolig søde og gæst frie. Det var Spændende at se farmen eir far har haft.Tak for et par gode dage. Hvis du eller nogle af de andre kommer til Danmark er I meget velkommen hos os."

"It was a great trip. We enjoyed it in full. It was very exciting to meet Mary, Bill, John and Bill's parents. Everyone was incredibly nice and hospitable. It was interesting to see the farm which your father had owned. Thank you for a few good days. If you or some of the others come to Denmark you are very welcome to us."

Arne and Christa, Denmark - Nov 2010

"Farmstay was great!

"Loved the horse riding.

"The night around the campfire was an experience of a life time.

"'Man from Snowy River ' - loved the tricks!"

Marit, The Netherlands - May 2008

"The farm-stay was the best! I loved holding the baby lambs and riding the sheep.

"I also liked the horseback riding a lot!

"I loved petting the koalas, wombat and kangaroos. They were so cute!

"You were very nice and I hope I see you soon!"

Isabelle, 9 years old, USA - Jan 2009

"The Koala Park was good fun.

"At the Farm Mary and Bill made us feel very welcome from the word go and Sally's parents were very nice. All in all it was very entertaining. Also with the boys and the dogs, they weren't shy! The meal was wonderful. A very nice evening."

Theresa, Ireland - Oct 2008

"We are on a world round-trip and we met a lot of nice people. Sally was one of the nicest. We enjoyed this trip and we thank you very much for this wonderful four days."


Siegfried and Waltraud, Germany - Mar 2009

"Sally, your tour is well named. I had lots of adventures and the highlight was meeting your family and friends at the farmstay.

"Your passion for wanting us to know your Bush Australia was contagious. You gave us a true Aussie experience, from Vegemite at breakfast, to Anzac biscuits for morning tea to telling us about the stars in the Southern Hemisphere. I will always remember this trip (even cracking the whip!) and I wish you great success with this unique Aussie experience."


Susan, USA - Mar 2009

"Sally, you're the best! We had a lot of fun and learned so much about the people, animals and culture.

"My kids loved the farmstay the best. Your family and friends are so welcoming and friendly.

"Thanks for a great time."

Laura, USA (son Colton, 6 years old, pictured with Laurie) - Jan 2009

"When I arrived in Sydney and Australia these days I felt absolutely lost. Now I joined Sally's tour and I'm feeling very much better. It's been great especially the farm stay.

"Thanks a lot - it's been great days!."


Daniel, Germany - Mar 2009

"The farm stay was perfect - it was great to see how the people in Australia really live.

"Thankyou for the very, very good trip. It was so wonderful."


Doro, Germany - Mar 2009

"Fantastic Trip. Organised but flexible. Sally was welcoming and informative from the start and created an excellent itinerary for the limited time.

"A winery visit, mountain walk, aboriginal art and several picnics were a good start, while the farmstay with Bill, Mary and co was Brilliant.

"Sheep shearing, buggy rides, whips, circus tricks, songs, stories and bush tucker filled a great night surrounded by some of the best people you could wish to meet."

Anita and Rob, England (2 day Farmstay and Mountains Tour) - Jul 2010

"Sally thankyou for a lovely and informative trip. I think most Sydney-siders would benefit from seeing more real parts of this state through your tour. I got to experience a side of things that I don't normally see.

"You were very kind and helpful. There were lots of fun and exciting things to do on the bush adventure, but the best thing was spending time with you."

Susan, Australia - Dec 2010

"Sally, you did a wonderful job providing a tour with something for everyone, with boys/girls, kids/adults, animal lovers and wine fanciers, you balanced activities really well.

"The farmstay was a highlight - we loved the campfire songs and bush poetry.

"I was impressed with your 'add-ons' - the Aussie books and CDs - the maps and tour pamphlets to help us choose. As a parent I also appreciated that all was safe & clean, from the mountain path you pointed us on to the driving of your minibus.

"So thank you for a memorable experience we would never have been able to  organize for ourselves!"

Philip & Michelle USA (children Hugo, Leo, Cordelia pictured) - Jul 2010

"The farmstay was the best and most memorable part. We were treated like old friends, not paying guests.

"Lovely also to have everything taken care of by the multi-talented Sally! Many thanks for everything"

Edwin, England - Dec 2009

"Thank you Sally for the wonderful personalised adventure. You took us to places most people will never see..... off the beaten track.

"Really appreciated how you share your love and knowledge of the country."


Marg, USA - Mar 2009

"Two days of true Aussie fun. Good food, admiring flora and fauna, breathtaking scenery and close encounters with wildlife. This custom-made tour provided us with everything we love so much about Australia.

"Driven by Sally, our knowledgable tour guide, we did not waste any time and the two days felt like a week. We will go back to Tokyo with very special memories and are looking forward to our next visit to Australia. Thanks for a fabulous time."


Mariette, The Netherlands (living in Japan) - Mar 2009

"Sally, Thoroughly enjoyed your company & guidance thoughout our journey of New South Wales. The opportunity to see the bush & meet your friends and family at the farm stay was an incredible experience my family & I will remember always. The scenery & the opportunity to walk and hike through it was exceptional!

"Thank you for a great time & we look forward to returning to Australia & another great adventure with you. Best Regards."

Hank, USA - Jun 2010

"Dear Ms Sally, Vu's family (Hoang, Ha, Tim, Sam) all enjoyed the adventure with you.

"I personally loved the farm staying part. This was an amazing experience for me. Thanks a lot to you, Bill, Mary, their parents, your parents, they are all wonderful.

"The horse riding was also an excellent advantage as it's the first timne for me actually riding a horse.

"Wonderful Thanks."

Ha, Vietnam (pictured with her husband & 2 sons) - Jul 2011

"We had a great time and meeting your family and friends while enjoying Aussie songs and poetry was a highlight.

"Seeing how the children helped on the farm and how the lads already were expert whip crackers was amazing. I like the way we were shown how farm work was done in years past. It is like a living /working museum.

"The horseback riding was a first for me and the mountains were at their loveliest.

"This small group experience has shown me a new way to experience travel. I will recommend this to my friends."

Nelly, Canada (pictured here with husband Clay) - Dec 2009

"I loved the whole tour especially when we went horse riding and when we went to the wildlife park. I wish we could have done the farmstay, maybe next time!."


Connie, The Netherlands, 15 (shown with sister Josephine) Mar 2009

 "Det har været en meget Spændende tur, vi har set rigtig meget af Australien også uden for Sydney. Det var meget Spændende og underholdende på gården, selvom vejret ikke var så godt. Alt i alt en rigtig god oplevelse for os."

"It has been a very exciting journey, we have seen a lot of Australia outside of Sydney. It was very exciting and entertaining on the farm, even if the weather wasn't so good. All in all a very good experience for us."

Ole and Birthe, Denmark - Dec 2010

"4 days with Ms Sally and I think I have more knowledge and experience of NSW then my friends who stayed years here.

"Definitely will recommend the trip to my friends back home. It's gonna be easy with all the amazing photos and Videos I took though."


Hoang, Vietnam - Jul 2011

"This was a great tour! The personal touch and the hands on was great. The animals at the Koala Park and the ones in the wild were great to see!

"I enjoyed the scenery, the Blue Mountains, the rain forest, All of it!

"Thanks for the personal touch! Approval from the great state of Texas."

Angela, USA - Jan 2010

"As we flew into the fog and rain of Sydney,  our spirits were a little low...   .... However an interesting visit to Hill End and such a welcome at the farmstay with Bill & Mary & all the family soon improved our outlook. Glad to have brought the rain with us!! Bill's heartfelt and inspirational singing was such a bonus.

"Thanks Sally for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm."

Christine, England - Dec 2009

"Sally, I had a great time adventuring through the bush and mountains of Australia. It was really fantastic experiencing the different parts of NSW.

"Your trip was very well organized, we never went hungry with all of the delicious snacks and I really enjoyed listening to all your Australian knowledge - about anything and everything!

"Truly a unique experience, Thanks!" 

Nikou, USA - Jun 2010

"Me and my family loved your tour. To me this is the best tour in the whole world, thanks a lot.

"There was nothing I didn't like and I loved the Farm staying. I learned/saw a lot of things in your tour.

"Thank you Miss Sally"

Tim (age 10), Vietnam (pictured with brother Sam,8) - Jul 2011

"I enjoyed the Koala Sanctuary, the Farmstay, the cabins and the horseback riding. I liked being able to pet the kangaroos and koala.

"Bill's songs were great and the yarns were good too. I enjoyed the whip cracking as well.

"The food was really good, especially the farmstay food and spaghetti on the last night.

"I enjoyed the scenery on the trip as well"

"We did a different tour with another company after we d.d yours, and I was wishing we were on your tour again! Yours was so much better! Less people so more personal, MUCH better food and accomodations, and more laid-back."

Nicky, Canada - Dec 2009

"A  fun experience.

"We enjoyed the farmstay food and seeing the kangaroos.

"Sally your knowledge of birds, trees and the area is amazing.

"Thank you"

Jim and Miriam, USA - Oct 2011

"I loved the trip. Getting attacked by that Kangaroo might be the best part of the tour for me.

"The horse back riding was awesome. The people were very nice, the scenery beautiful, and I loved my horse

"I loved hearing all the Australian songs and poems, it was very interesting.

"Thank you for such a wonderful time!"

Rebekah, USA - Jan 2010

"This was a nice tour. It was great in being so "private"; or maybe exclusive would be a more correct word to use.

"It was great to be taken to a different part of Australia on the farm - Something that seemed like an older period of time - it really seemed  Australian.

"Also I loved being in the nature. Visiting plenty of lookouts, seeing kangaroos in the wild and sitting by a campfire watching the stars. It has been absolutely Beautiful. Being able to pat a koala was a really special experience as well."

Line, Denmark - Apr 2010

"You have put together a great way to experience Australia and its country. Very unique and varied with experiences.

"Your family is wonderful and the farm stay met all of my expectaions.It was a very memorable trip from koalas to 'toads-in-a-hole'!

"We wish you continued success in providing another side of Australia. Christmas 2009 was one of the BEST! Thanks"

Kathryn, USA (shown with Granddaughter Rowan) - Dec 2009

"Despite the rainy weather on the 2 day tour, Sally made our trip comfortable and quite enjoyable. She made our trip to the Blue Mountains one to remember."

Mike and Luisa, USA - Apr 2011

"Thanks a million Sally for this wonderful trip

"We have enjoyed 4 exciting days exploring the Australian country side.

"We have, with guarantee, had experiences we would never have had and have gained insights in things we would never have known, if we were on our own or on another kind of trip.

"In all ways an enjoyable and indeed recommendable experience. Many Thanks"

Lisbeth and Laura, Denmark Dec 2009

"Thank you!"

"A wonderful tour that I would highly recommend. Even though we had been to the Blue Mountains - you covered areas and offered stops, sights, sounds and information that we missed on our own.

"Where else would I get to pet a kangaroo or koala, learn the names and sounds of the native birds, see an echidna, & sleep out in the bush with a family. You have organized a wonderful tour full of fun, variety, food and much learning.

This was so worth the time and money - I feel I know Australia so much better than I would ever on a bus tour. Very personal attention and info"

Jan and Jim, USA - Jan 2010

"Very nice tour where we got the chance to see wild kangaroos and a chance to pet a koala."

Troels, Denmark - Apr 2010

"Sally was a very great guide. Her knowledge about the country and the areas we visited was very interesting and informative. And her knowledge of the animals, wildlife and vegetation was great.

"Although I could not shave for 2 days, as a whole I enjoyed the tour very much and recommend it to others"

John, USA - Jul 2010

"Thanks Sally, had a really great time. It is so nice to get out of the city and enjoy the country. The whole trip was well planned and each day was fillled with special moments. It was a fantastic adventure tour Australia

"The time on the farm with Bill, Laurie and family was wonderful, the bush songs and poetry were a real treat and the whip tricks and circus performances were stunning."

Dave, Australia - Jul 2010

"Sally, you organised our trip very well. I enjoyed the whole 4 days with 3 nights of good rest.

"I will recommend this experience to all those who wish to visit Sydney. Thank you for your time."

Steve, New Zealand - Jul 2010

"Thank you Sally."

"What a fantastic experience for anyone wanting to get out of the city and experience a bit of rural Australia. There was a great mix of activities for all tastes.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and country with us. It was an amazing tour which I will never forget, and would thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants to see beyond Sydney."

Beryl, New Zealand - Jul 2010

"Dear Sally, Thank you very much for .this lovely experience. Everything has been just great, from first contact on email through the adventurous two day Jenolan Caves/Blue Mountains tour. Don't know what I liked most, everything was great!"

"I'm so happy you could adjust  the trip for us since we were a bit short of time. I will definitely recommend your tours to other friends and hope to go with you again!"

"Best Wishes"

Maria, Sweden - Oct 2011

"I enjoyed the trip very much. It's so nice to see the wildlife and country although I stay for a short time while in Sydney.

"The start with cuddling the koala and take a look at a lot of typical Australian animals was great and then we got to see a lot of wild kangaroos!

"The caves and the stay at the old fashioned hotel was fantastic. Thanks a lot. "

Anders, Sweden - Oct 2010

"Dear Sally (the snake killer).

"Thank you for a great trip. We have had four amazing days in company with you and the Irishmen.

"Especially, the stay at Bill and Mary's farm was amazing! I could have stayed there forever. I even learned how to use a whip.

"Please write us if you start making new tours so that we can come back if we ever return to Australia.

"It was really fun to touch the Koalas and Kangaroos. It was also amazing with the kangaroo family near the car at Abercrombie Caves.

You are a really tough snake killing lady!"

Anne and Inger, Denmark - Oct 2011

"The last tour of the year - and by your account the largest: 8 of us!.

"It was lovely to spend time with you and get to know new friends from other countries, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand..

"We loved the variety in the programme in your adventure tour Australia. Four days of country towns, beautiful countryside, lots of food (and more food!).

"I suspect we all experienced something for the first time, horse riding, the world's most steep railway, visiting a winery, camping on a farm, singing Walting Matilda under the stars.

"Thank you Sally."

Anna and Geoff, England - Dec 2011

"We really enjoyed the tour and we learned a lot about Australia! The famstay was great with very friendly and nice people.

"It was interesting to visit the small towns. Gabriel enjoyed all the animals (dogs, horses, kangaroos, wombats, koalas, ants,.....).

"This was a great way to end our 3 month Australian visit!.

Jan and Lena and Gabriel (12), Sweden - Dec 2011

"The farmstay was the best for me. I did enjoy visiting all the small towns especially Hill End.

"I always looked forward to morning tea.

"I have felt like I have been away for a week and look forward to getting home for a rest!!! Never a dull moment."

Audrey, Scotland - Dec 2011

"A great 4 days with lots of variety and unexpected touches -the BBQ lunch, the BBQ brekkie at Bill & Mary's, their family members turning up to entertain us, the wildlife - kangaroos, lizards etc. - not to mention the snake killing incident.

"Good luck with your tours"

John, Winifred and Elaine, Ireland - Oct 2011

"Excellent tour!

"We had a marvellous time. Loved every minute!"

Kevin and John, USA (pictured are their nephews Chase and Zack) - Nov 2011

"We had an absolutely wonderful time. Your tour was the best part of our visit to Australia!"

Mike, Kristina, Zack and Chase - Nov 2011

"Thank you very much for this lovely tour around the bush.

"It was great to rediscover Australia again.

"Thank you also for introducing us to your family, we really appreciated this special moment.

"Kind regards."

Jean Pierre, Betty and Jaya, Reunion Island - Jan 2012

"Thankyou for the wonderful 4 days with you! It was a truely memorable trip, definitely better than expected - it's so personalised, yet so professional. Really wished the trip was longer right now. If I come back, I'll ring you up!

"The actvities for this trip were exactly what we were looking for - Blue Mountains, horse-riding, camping, farmstay. I'd definitely recommend you to my adventurous friends!"

Chui-Ling, Singapore - Jul 2012

"Thankyou so much for everything on the trip!

"Really appreciate your efforts in all the details, making everything so seamless and smooth. The pace of it was comfortable yet fulfilling. The variety of activities is excellent, most memorably being the farmstay with Mary and Bill. It was also a pleasure talking to you about life and Australia, which I have really grown to love over the past 4 days.

"It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you again and I wish you all the best in your future business. I will definitely spread the word."

Cherrissa, Singapore - Jul 2012

"Had a fab time Sally.

"You've been very helpful from start to finish. Even though I couldn't make the first day all the tours and sites have been great and more than I expected. I was blown away with how welcomed we were at the farmstay.

"It was a great way to end the last of my holiday and I will recommend you."

Ella, England - Feb 2012

"Je m’oublierai pas de si tot l’hospitalite de ta famille et de tes amis. Nous serions sincerement bien restes plus longtemps chez Mary et Bill chez qui nous avons passé des moments precieux.

"Merci pour ce pittoresque tour dans le Bush."


"I will not easily forget your family and friends. We would have sincerely stayed longer at Mary and Bill's, with whom we have spent precious moments."

"Thankyou for a scenic tour in the Bush."

Eric, Raymonde, Vivian and Tristan, Tahiti - Jan 2012

"Thanks Sally.

"I had a fantastic time on the tour. I particularly enjoyed the farmstay - there isn't anyway I could have organised anything like that myself and everyone was so warm and friendly.

"It was great to have such a personalised tour and a really relaxing way to see lots of things - it's been brilliant, Thanks very much."

Becky, England - Feb 2012

"We had a great time on the tour."

"We really liked the koalas and kangaroos at the wildlife park, it was so cool!"

"We also liked the farmstay. I'm glad the girls were there (perfect timing!)"

"It was great to get out and see the bush. It was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. Thanks"

Bryan (13 years) and Katy (9 years), USA - Jan 2014, pictured at the ends of the stool with local girls

"Sally, I have had a nice four days. I have enjoyed it from start to finish.

"It has been my first tour on my own.

"You were very helpful, GREAT. It was a wonderful tour, Thanks!!

"I loved the songs from Bill."

Anny, The Netherlands - Feb 2012

"For this wonderful trip to discover a little taste of Australia, we enjoy very much, in a friendly manner - with the picnics.

"It was a little cold, but the people were so nice with warmth in their hearts. The farmstay cow(sheep)boy evening was memorable."

Anne-Laure, New Caledonia - Jul 2012

"Thank you very much Sally for the beautiful trip.

"It's a very good experience to discover the Australia with nature, animals..... The landscapes are very nice with the sun.

"I'm very happy to meet you and it was a very great tour. Thanks again Sally!"

Valerie, New Caledonia - Jul 2012

"Thanks very much Sally. This trip is a very good experience for me, and during this trip I have many stars in my eyes because it's very very beautiful.

"Bill, Mary, Bill's sister and his family were very nice with us. They have the hands on their heart.

"This Australia is very good and I can't forget these moments, Thanks again and Good Luck. What you do, it's very good!"

Marion, France - Jul 2012

"Thank you for everything. Especially with me being on my own you made me feel very welcome.

"I learned so much about real Australian culture and really enjoyed the three days and two nights.

"Thank you for your patience with me, because of my deafness. I wish you all the best with your business and I'm sure it  will excel.

"This will be my most memorable experience and I will treasure it for the rest of my life."

Joy, England - Jul 2012

"Dear Sally, thank you very much for a great day trip to the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park.

"We appreciated the personal touches, and we loved the home made gluten-free muffins!

"Good Luck with your business! Thanks again from the 8 Norwegians!"

Jostein, Elisabet, Torill & Magnas and Roar, Elisabeth, Anne & Ingrid, Norway - Jul 2012

"What a wonderful Trip!."

"Thank you so much, Sally, for three interesting and fun-filled days. And please thank Bill & Mary, your parents and all who joined us Friday evening for the food, the demonstrations, the singing, and all the laughter."

"You get my highest recommendation!"

Dorothy and Frank USA - Nov 2012

"Sally, you spoiled us! - took care of us in fine style, thank you for making our introduction to Australia such a fine experience.

"I loved being with your family and friends. They were fun, gracious and so welcoming."

Susie, USA - Nov 2012

"This is a fantastic excursion. Well planned, well run and with flexibility for special requests"

"It was very special to meet Sally's friends and family on the farm. What a fun evening we had."

"Sally is a knowlegdeable guide with a science background and deep familiarity with her country. Thank you Sally!"

Linda, USA - Nov 2012

"This has been the perfect getaway into the bush. There has been a great mix of history (the mine towns), culture (aboriginal dances) and wilderness (caves & bush walks).

"I especially appreciated being off the beaten tourist track for most of the time.

"Please pass my thanks on to Mary and Bill for their wonderful hospitality on the farmstay - that was an evening to remember.

"I really enjoyed your company and knowledge - thank you so much for making my "Aussie Experience" one to remember."

Sally, England - Dec 2012

"Sally, Thank you for this great 3 day adventure."

"We love the personal service and your expert knowledge about the australian Outback & Bush."

"We also enjoyed the relaxed schedule & freedom."

"It was a great way to see the real Australia, the way the locals live it, and the country away from the other tourist traps. You & your friends & family are great people!"

Sherry and Steve, USA - Oct 2013

"What a real adventure in 3 ways:

-an enjoyable intense science course in geography, geology, biology and botany, about facts we are not aware of in Canada

-A taste of rural life that is on the edge of change, but there is the keen desire to keep up the traditional way in a family of 10 that knows real farm work and skills

- A sincere appreciation of indigenous history, with a clarification of incorrect stereotypes and seeding of my personal curiosity to do further research.

"Thank You Sally"

Mike, Canada - Dec 2012

"As we are Icelandic wannabe-farmers we really enjoyed the farmstay, all the hospitality, the demonstrations, food and chat with friendly locals. Looking at the stars, singing by the campfire and of course Hermann the friendly frog!!"

"Stopping regularly to buy beer is important and the drive through liquor store is something!."

"The last day in the Blue Mountains was great, lots of good walks and getting a local guide to explore Aboriginal Art was just perfect."

Anna, Iceland (Anna's children shown) - Feb 3013

"I can sincerely second the remarks above and it was especially nice to meet the families and friends on the farm. Talking and singing with the people brought us closer to Australia and it's spirit as did all the demonstrations with the horses and Wilf's special knowledge."

Sigga (shown here with her Grandchildren), Iceland - Feb 2013

"Dear Sally,

"What a wonderful adventure tour in Australia."

"This was the best 2 days of my life."

"I love all the things like Jenolan Caves, very beautiful caves and the amazing horse riding through the bush and the fantastic Blue Mountains."

Melanie, Germany - Oct 2013

"Sally, thank you for the wonderful experience!."

"It was a trip like no other."

"We saw sights and experienced amazing things that you would not do on any other tours."

Lisa and Brian, Canada - Oct 2013

"Sally what an amazing and fun filled adventure. It was a high point of our holiday"

"You are a special person and have worked so hard to fill our time with enjoyment."

"From Jenolan Caves to the horse riding to the cultural centre, our time was full & amazing."

"We highly recommend you and will tell all our friends to visit."

Ted and Terry, USA - Oct 2013

"How wonderful. The trip was So Good!

It gave us a break away. We hope there is another tour soon. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future."

Karen and Darren, Australia - Nov 2008

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